Description of the painting by Francisco de Goya “The dream of reason gives birth to monsters”

Description of the painting by Francisco de Goya “The dream of reason gives birth to monsters”

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Francisco Goya is a famous Spanish writer who completed work on his famous painting in 1798. He wrote it for two years. This canvas entered the cycle of paintings, under the general name "Fantasy". The artist depicted the whole country with its proverbs and sayings, which were at the peak of the popularity of that time. At first, he had the idea of ​​calling his work “Universal Language,” but then he decided that all this would be too daring.

He portrayed all his alertness, anxiety, and experiences as if in a dream. The artist was alarmed by the society of the era in which he lived. Thus, Goye decided to express his opinion, to ridicule the vices. This picture brings horror, fear, rejection of reality, hatred of the whole environment in which he is forced to arrive.

A sleeping person, closed from reality by his hands, he thus expresses unwillingness to life. This picture is a self portrait. The author portrayed himself immersed in deep sleep. During a dream various monsters come to him, unthinkable monsters. Looking at this picture, one gets the impression that these visions accompany him not only in a dream. They are appropriate in life. There is no peace from them, he is tired.

The author himself is trying to clarify that the idle mind, the mind leads to such a plan of fantasy. He makes fun of the vices of the whole society. Not a few years have passed, this picture remains just as relevant in our time. He calls for vigilance, control over his emotions and actions. Goya tries in her painting to convey the idea that in the uncontrolled world such monsters are found in real life, as vices of society.

When consciousness is turned off, the mind is asleep, it is easiest for monsters to take hold of a person, his thoughts. Unfortunately, situations of disabling consciousness are not only in a dream. The artist calls on humanity to common sense.

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