Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Autumn”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Autumn”

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Somov was a real professional. He managed to create a huge number of landscapes that really surprise.

In this picture we see autumn. This is the golden time when trees are already dressing in colorful outfits, but the cold has not yet had time to take its toll. It is so pleasant to enjoy the last warm days that nature gives us before the onset of cold weather.

It was one of these days that depicted catfish. Before us is one of the paths of the park. In some places you can still see the green leaves, but mainly yellow and orange. Som masterfully prescribes each sheet. They are so voluminous that their thrill is felt.

The grass has not yet turned yellow. She makes us happy with her rich carpet, as if inviting us to remember the warm days of summer. Through the crowns of trees you can distinguish the sky. Its color is unusual. It is pinkish-lilac. The air is so clean and transparent that you can feel a slight breath of wind.

Two women are walking along the park alley. The artist depicts them in profile. It is difficult enough to distinguish features of their faces. One can only assume by orders that they are from the upper strata of society. The artist depicts them in the center of the canvas. But they are not important in their own right. For the artist, the main thing is to convey the virgin splendor of nature and the unity of each person with it.

Today we are all in a hurry somewhere and rarely notice the beauty of nature. It turns out that there is no need to look for her at all. The usual corners of the park are incredibly bright and amaze with their virgin splendor. You just need to stop and see this charm. The artist does not just depict an autumn day. We can feel how he loves his native nature.

Looking at the picture creates a joyful mood. All of it is full of light and rich colors. Somov is a true master who managed to convey the volume and grace of the lines. It seems, just a moment, and we will feel a breath of wind and hear the rustle of leaves.

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