Description of the painting by Nikolai Feshin “Portrait of Varya Adoratskaya”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Feshin “Portrait of Varya Adoratskaya”

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N.I. Feshin is an artist who can combine several directions in his work, and portraits are always characteristic. One of the brightest works of the painter is “Portrait of Varya Adoratskaya”.

The canvas depicts a girl who is sitting on the table. The situation in the room is modest, but many details are scattered, which forms a mess. Such an environment is characteristic of children of this age.

A girl can be given ten years of age, but her gaze is absolutely adult. Her eyes convey the depth of thoughts of a person who has known the world. It would seem that the child is still not worried for anything, but the depth of the eyes is simply amazing. They express wariness and restraint.

The artist painted the details and background very accurately. Many items are clearly and clearly depicted. In scattered toys, even details can be discerned. Fleetingly possible to take the heroine for a big doll. She seemed frozen in bewilderment among children's things.

The painter depicted childhood as such. Game and pranks, carelessness and naivety. The girl’s white dress emphasizes cleanliness, two pigtails complement the image of a schoolgirl.

An ordinary bright room without frills is painted with bright details that are randomly scattered. This is childhood. Children bring brightness, chaos to life, and this is their beauty of presence. The place was not chosen by chance; it serves as an ideal background for the girl.

The painter very carefully approaches the details, in his works there are no accidents and coincidences. Forty years after writing the work, a woman appeared who in childhood posed for this picture. She told in detail how the process itself went, opened the curtain of all the hardships of the model.

Sitting her was terribly uncomfortable, and long work did not bring pleasure. The image of a girl accumulates in itself the infinity of thoughts expressed in one look of a child.

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