Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky "Spring"

Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky

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No matter how many painters write new paintings about the onset of spring, they are all so different, and filled with special content and vision of this warm season. So Brodsky's Spring is unique in its own way and worthy of separate consideration.

The landscape "Spring" was created by a Soviet artist in 1914. This painting from a private collection demonstrates the period of the author’s fascination with symbolism and modernism. With the help of a picturesque language, Isaac Brodsky tried to show the image of Russian nature as poeticized as possible. As a result, work came out with colorful, somewhat exotic subjects, detailed and graphically sophisticated.

“Spring” is painted in oil on canvas, but the paint on the canvas is so smooth, airy that it resembles an elegant watercolor. Brodsky’s spring is the first warming, with snow falling from the ground, trees and houses. Melt water on ice and deep blue puddles border on the bare islands of damp land. Not for long, and the first green shoots will break through. Small houses peacefully huddle under the rays of the early sun.

The canvas is created with amazing diligence. Skillfully written snow looks really realistic. The number of small strokes and the finest lines in the texture of the soil, trees, buildings and clouds, indicate a large amount of work by the artist. He used mainly blue, brown and green tones.

Even the light of the sun is devoid of bright yellow - it is faded and soft. Not a single human figure is visible in the field of view. Probably, the inhabitants of the village are still sleeping, and early spring was already in a hurry before everyone and melted the snow that shackled the ground with gentle sunshine. Looking at the canvas, this morning freshness is felt, which usually reigns in the first dawn hours.

I.I. Brodsky portrayed another hymn to nature, its beauty, naturalness and harmony.

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