Description of the Soviet poster "Do not drink"

Description of the Soviet poster

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The topic of alcohol has always been a sore point for our country. Since since ancient times in Russia they loved to drink.

Drunkenness is a vice that can destroy not only the life of the drinker, but also cause irreparable harm to others. After all, if there is a drinker in the family, then this is grief for everyone. And this was no secret to anyone. Especially in this case, children suffer.

A person can not fight independently with an insidious vice, as he instilled. There are so many temptations around - there are advertising, shops, alcoholic friends. Glass after glass and a person no longer notices how he is rapidly rolling along a bad track.

Soviet time has long been a thing of the past, but these were wonderful times. One of the outstanding memories of that time was various propaganda posters.

One of the options that was a series of "I do not drink." All of them were aimed at causing shame to the drinking person. The authorities urged people not to drink with various subjects. After all, I would like to dispel the opinion of foreign people that in our country drunks walk along the streets along the same lines as bears.

The poster "I do not drink" is a vivid example of agitation. It depicts a serious, determined man who sharply refuses the offer of vodka. His appearance proudly flaunted all over the country so that the Russian peasant could orient himself on a worthy person.

The posters also contained many variations on the theme of family and work. Most of them depict men. But there were, and there are woe-women who exchanged for the bottle everything that they have.

Yes, times are long gone, but there isn’t enough such agitation these days. Today they are trying to revive the tradition, which can be seen on rare posters in cities, with an appeal to drinking fathers or drivers.

Of course, such posters will not be able to completely solve the problem of alcohol, but, perhaps, driving past them at the moment, at least one person will think that they are waiting for him sober at home and there is something to live for.

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