Description of the painting by Gustav Dore “The Bible”

Description of the painting by Gustav Dore “The Bible”

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Gustave Doret, a French engraver and painter, left a rich artistic legacy on religion. Several hundred illustrations were created by him on the subjects of the Bible. His unique drawings reflected biblical stories from the Old and New Testaments. He did not limit himself to these two most important spiritual books, and added illustrations to the Apocrypha.

The Bible of Dore is exquisite black and white engraving. In the 19th century, these numerous illustrations were created. Although initially the works were met with criticism, but today they are actively used in print for the artistic accompaniment of biblical texts. The drawings are distinguished by excellent detailed execution and skillful play with light. The number of unique characters, the masterful writing of nature and architecture amazes in them.

What else is remarkable for the religious engravings of Dore? The characteristic church image of frescoes and mosaics for several centuries bore a somewhat caricatured appearance. In the eyes of believers, these images looked far from reality, therefore, they could serve as a barrier to the emergence of a deep faith. French artist works in the style of realism. His divine characters are endowed with human traits.

The engraver very often describes the most incredible events of many centuries ago.

The completed illustrations by Dore were useful first for printing in European countries in the Bible in different languages. A similar book was later published on the northern and southern American continent.

Scenes on biblical events were written by many masters, but it was Gustave Dore who was among the most outstanding. Despite the lack of classical art education, this fact did not prevent the talent of the painter from appearing. His “Bible” has stood the test of time despite the critics' doubts about the author’s competence.

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