Description of the painting Vasily Candidsky "Lake"

Description of the painting Vasily Candidsky

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Vasily Candidsky is a Russian emigrant artist who left his homeland in 1896. His artistic career was started in Germany, at the age of 30.

The heyday of his artistic career falls on his years of teaching at one of the Munich art schools. The school was located in a pretty beautiful place at the confluence of the rivers Fils and Nab. The beautiful views that were opened to the eye were not subject to verbal description, but they were easily conveyed by the artist’s brush.

At the end of the 20s of the 20th century, the artist moved to Murnau, a small town near Munich. Here, in the silence of the rural outback, he creates one of his best works - “Lake”. The painting was painted in the spirit of expertism. Despite the fact that the canvas was actually created from nature, it has nothing to do with the real views of the lake. The painter rightly believed that his brush should capture not just individual objects, people, plants, but their aroma and taste, feelings and emotions. It is important not to show, but to make you feel and understand.

When writing the picture, deep blue, orange and even green colors were used. The riot of colors extends wherever the human gaze suffices. The lake occupies the entire canvas of the picture, in its right part you can see several small boats. Apparently, they belong to fishermen, or lovers of evening walks. The lake was written at sunset, because its surface is dazzled by the sun's rays. the picture is bright, emotional, bewitching.

During the Second World War, part of Candidsky's work was almost lost. The Nazis found the artist’s artful paintings degenerate, because they were not only banned from showing, but were almost seized for destruction. The paintings were preserved thanks to the efforts of the artist’s girlfriend, who exhibited them in her home.

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