Description of the painting by Vasily Kandinsky “Tender Climb”

Description of the painting by Vasily Kandinsky “Tender Climb”

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The painting "Gentle Climbing" is one of Kandinsky's later works, written in 1934. This creation is the fruit of Vasily Vasilievich's improvement of his pictorial system, which went against the teachings of the Bauhaus on the use of primary and intermediate colors. Improvements in the use of colors represents the color game in the work of Kandinsky. The finest details convey the play of colors in the best possible way in the film "Tender Climb".

The transparent ink coating technique leads to optical illusion. There is a visual mixture of colors, interaction with the background. Vasily Vasilievich applied a new technique of interpenetration with the background. He added sand to the ground or to the paint, which gave such an effect. From the haze of used tones, a more saturated color scheme appears. Used by the artist a light warm tone of red, similar to a medium yellow tone. In the pigmentation of red, a shade of yellow can also be considered. The combination of these colors conveys a feeling of joy, strength, energy, desire, triumph.

The artist's uniform use of red resembles a feeling of burning passion, which is muffled by the use of blue shades, as if trying to extinguish hot iron with drops of water. Shades of blue soften the sound of red, making the combination of colors more delicate.

The varied application of color stripes is not subject to traditional rules. Geometric and free forms dissolve in the composition, giving it a special flavor.

Associating the image with music, the picture can be compared with the joyful sound of fanfare together with the stubborn consonance of the trumpet. The author’s creation conveys exactly the same mood and feelings as a piece of music.

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