Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Spring”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Spring”

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In this work, Somov Konstantin Andreyevich, which was presented to the public in 1905, presents a spring landscape. The picture is part of a series of four works devoted to the four seasons. The work is written in modern style.

The picture shows a sunny spring day. Work literally "breathes air." Somov Konstantin Andreyevich is rightly considered a master of the open air. The horizon is drawn very low, so most of the sky. It seems as if the artist depicted not an early morning, but a day that slowly reaches for sunset. About this we are told by air clouds, on which one can see reflections of the setting sun.

The bottom of the picture is grass. We see that the vegetation is not high, early, therefore, when writing the work, the artist chose light shades of green. In some places you can see small white flowers that seem to be patterned interspersed on a green canvas. The background is completely empty - nothing distracts attention.

In the center of the canvas is a pair of people - a man and a woman. Their slender figures are dressed in bright, elegant clothes. The woman is wearing a pink and purple dress, slightly below her knees; a hat on his head. The man went for a walk in a jacket of dark green color.

A young couple walks along a neat path that branches and leads deep into the work. In the distance you can see a small forest. The artist intentionally does not draw the forest, but depicts only his silhouette. To the left of the walking couple is a small stone monument. The shape of the monument is unusual, resembles a small spire.

In the foreground are trees. The artist paid these plants the most attention. Traced each twig and leaf. You can see that on the right side of the work are small, neat birches, which are slightly swayed by the breeze, which is why thin branches leaned to the left. On the central trees, at the very top of the work, Somov depicted three birds.

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