Description of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir "Girl in a straw hat"

Description of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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In the center of the picture is a beautiful young girl that attracts all the attention. The background of the work consists of expressive blue strokes with red spots, however, the blue palette changes its color towards green in the downward direction. This leads to the idea that the main character is in the open air, and not in the building. The blurred background allows you to focus on a beautiful young individual, who looks forward.

The character of the heroine is red-eye-catching red, almost red hair, going down to herself. The upper part of the face is framed by red curls, and a straw hat is put on his head. So, hair and a hat take over most of the attention. The texture of the headgear is perfectly conveyed, dark strokes present in the fold line of the hat give the subject volume. The white edges of the garment give it great elegance and extraordinary.

The heroine's neat right hand touches her hair, while a small ring with a blue stone flaunts on her ring finger. A representative of the upper class would probably have more jewelry, which makes you think that the girl belongs to the middle class.

Gorgeous red hair, catching the eye of a person looking at a picture, further emphasizes the fantastic whiteness of the skin. At the same time, the face is not too pale, as a slight blush is visible on the cheeks, emphasizing the youth of a beautiful girl. The main character’s eyes express complete equanimity, the girl’s right eyebrow is playfully raised, and the delicate pink lips are smoothly curved in a slight smile. It excites and delights, it makes the beholder try to feel what the girl thinks and what she feels.

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