Description of Andrei Rublev’s icon “Meeting”

Description of Andrei Rublev’s icon “Meeting”

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For the Orthodox world, the icon of Andrei Rublev “Meeting” is of particular importance. The Presentation is a Christian holiday that completes the Christmas holiday cycle. On this icon, we see not just an image of the saints, but a whole plot described on the pages of the New Testament.

Virgin Mary on the fortieth day after the birth of Jesus came to the temple to consecrate her son to God. On the icon we see that human figures are depicted right at the entrance to the temple. It was no accident that the artist chose this particular scene. Maria, being outside the temple, passes Jesus into the hands of Simeon, who is located on the steps of the holy building, which is a symbol of a transitional moment, the beginning of a new life.

Simeon is a three hundred year old man. He had to live such a long life, because on Earth he had his own mission. He was waiting for the birth of a child who would become the savior of all mankind. Now, when Mary passes the child into the hands of the elder, Simeon will finally be able to go to heaven - his duty is fulfilled. He bowed before the child and his mother and holds out his hands. The imminent will happen very soon, but Simeon is not going to flee the prophecy. He blesses Mary and her son.

Two more human figures are located on the icon. A woman follows Mary right. This is Saint Anna, the prophetess who predicted to Jesus an amazing life. She told Mary that her child would become the Savior, which all of humanity needs. It can be seen from the face of the Mother of God that a woman knows about the difficult fate of her firstborn. But she does not show her appearance and humbly goes to the old man. She understands that her son is the Savior, and such is his fate. Anna is followed by Joseph, the husband of Mary. The artist intentionally depicts him in the very corner of the icon. He does not play a special role in current events. In the background we see a drawing of a temple in which the ceremony of consecration of Jesus to God will take place.

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