Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “Allegory of war and peace”

Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “Allegory of war and peace”

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This picture is an example of how art is sometimes able to solve global problems. The work of Peter Paul Rubens "Allegory of War and Peace" was ordered from the artist by the Spanish king for a gift to the English king. The peace treaty between Spain and England was signed largely due to the artist's talented portrayal of the incorrectness of the war.

In the picture we see the Roman pantheon of the gods. In the middle is a naked girl - she personifies a peaceful life. To her right we see a small child whom she feeds with milk. This baby is the god of wealth. War has always ravaged the treasury of the state, so wealth is accompanied by peaceful life in the picture. In front of the girl is a satyr, in his hands is a cornucopia, from which various fruits fall. The cornucopia, of course, is also a symbol of prosperity, wealth, money and fertility of the earth. On the left side of the canvas are two young girls. One of them plays a tambourine, symbolizing dancing, joy and fun. The second girl carries a large, deep basin. A vessel made of pure gold and decorated with various precious stones. Inside the basin are also cups, vases of gold, beads made of natural pearls. This basin of pure gold symbolizes not only wealth, but also an offering. That is, the picture of Peter Paul Rubens is presented to the English king as well as this vessel full of gold jewelry.

In the foreground, we see four young children and one angel. Children also personify a calm life, family happiness. The background of the work is dedicated to the war, or rather, to its prevention. The Roman goddess of wisdom, Minerva, banishes the war god Mars. The girl is depicted in a warlike pose, in armor and with weapons in her hands - she clearly intends to expel Mars.

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