Description of the painting Konstantin Korovin Still life with flowers

Description of the painting Konstantin Korovin Still life with flowers

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Konstantin Korovin in the history of world painting remained a vivid representative of the Silver Age, one of the most prominent representatives of Russian art of the pre-revolutionary time. His paintings rightfully occupied a worthy place among the most significant phenomena of Russian culture.

"Still Life with Flowers" (1922) - one of the last works of the artist, created at home. This painting reflects all the features characteristic of Konstantin Korovin’s creative manner: riot of colors, catchy sunshine of each brush stroke.

The artist’s works must be admired from a distance in order to appreciate his impeccable ability to convey the smallest shades of color, the amazing play of light. The striking feature of his acceptance of the letter is “live”, raw colors, in which the painter does not wait for one layer to dry in order to apply the next tone.

Korovin always worked quickly, energetically, as if fearing that he would not have time to transfer the image or picture that arose in his imagination to the canvas. If the painter worked from nature, the time of writing the next canvas fit in a couple of hours. Long work on the picture, when much is being finalized, corrected, changed in composition or color scheme, was categorically rejected by him.

The presented still life is one of the many masterpieces in the work of the master in the style of Russian impressionism. On the table in a vase is a bouquet. Apparently, the flowers were collected a long time ago, and managed to crumble a little - hence the fantastic mix of colors in the lower part of the still life.

In the luxurious flower collection, the roses especially loved by the painter are more clearly drawn. Half-opened white-pink buds in the neighborhood with purple relatives make up the center of the flower arrangement.

On the left side you can see the semi-oval handle of a small basket or vase - it was covered with petals and hidden from the audience.

It was layering that made it possible to depict subtle transitions of color, to show the breathtakingly subtle play of light and shadow. The main, light shade of the picture creates an atmosphere of a bright, bright day, greeting the joy of life with all its colors, its all-conquering beginning.

The canvas delights with powerful inner cheerfulness, an amazing sensation of enduring delight in front of the delightful beauty of flowers.

The artist has always emphasized that the painter does not need to paint for himself, but for those who can see the beauty of the world around them, admire the constant change of tones and shades. For this generosity of talent, fullness of emotions, the still lifes of Konstantin Korovin are appreciated by art lovers all over the world.

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